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If you think talent is the most critical asset in your business, you are hardly alone. Many CEOs and HR executives around the world feel like you. However, when it comes to identifying, attracting, developing, and retaining talent, they strongly rely on their instincts and intuitions. In other words, in the age of data, they are not walking the talk.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we apply advanced analytics techniques to create an employee-centric approach to talent management. By unlocking the power of objective data and in-depth analysis, we remove subjectivity from HR decisions.

If you want to pinpoint why employees leave, discover what drives higher performance, or hire and retain top talent more successfully, then read on to find out how our experts could help.

People Analytics Strategy

Are you seeking ways to predict talent-related problems before they happen?
Do you want to make smarter, more strategic and more educated talent decisions?
Do you need to find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions and increase employee performance and retention?


Every day you make a myriad of decisions about your employees or workforce. However, how many of your decisions are supported by data? Today, the world’s most successful companies have a people analytics strategy that allows them to improve hiring and promotion, performance evaluation, job design, compensation, and collaboration.

Our experienced data scientists, who are also trained in industrial-organizational psychology, transform HR departments through data. First, we pinpoint your short and long-term talent- related challenges. Next, we analyze your business objectives so that
your people analytics strategy and business strategy are aligned. We then identify your strategic HR capital decisions. We combine all our findings and suggestions to create your people analytics strategy.

The next step is the proper assessment of the health of your data. Often, organizations collect and store data across multiple systems, none of which are directly connected.

Consequently, our data scientists create a central data warehouse integrating your different networks.

Upon eliminating silos, we create a detailed action plan to collect the required data to answer the following questions: Which departments are under-performing? Which roles or departments are most susceptible to flight? What value are we getting from training investments? Which teams are more collaborative or engaged than others? How can we determine which profiles are right for the job? What demographic segments will make better leaders or managers?

Finally, we define your human resources data strategy and align it to your business objectives. We develop human resources analytics processes, structure, and infrastructure.
We help you build HR analytics skills and competencies to carry out analysis and draw insights to tell a meaning or story for informed decision making.

Our related services include:

People Analytics Strategy Development
Human Capital data Health Check Assessment
Human Capital Data Quality Enhancement
Human Capital Data Strategy

People Analytics Execution

Do you want reduce the total workforce cost?
Do you want to increase your organizational efficiency without compromising the employee experience?
Are you looking for ways to work smarter, not harder?


It is every organization’s dream to cut down on HR management costs while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. Unfortunately, so many companies have managed to achieve that holy grail. However, did you know that a data-driven workforce optimization study would allow you to increase operational efficiency without compromising the employee experience? It turns out it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Our approach to people analytics execution begins with workforce optimization. The first step is the identification of your primary workforce optimization drivers. After that, we conduct a root-cause analysis of your need to optimize your workforce. Then, we analyze the potential impact of your corporate strategy and regulatory requirements on the required workforce.

Next, we review your job descriptions, evaluating the qualifications and responsibilities of each position. We conduct time and motion studies to establish employee productivity standards. We then identify business requirements for the expected workload on needed roles. If deemed necessary, we recommend merging legacy or defunct positions. Finally, we calculate fair compensation for each post by comparing with market rates.

Upon determining your organizational design and compensation and benefit-related factors, we calculate the overhead costs for each position. By doing so, we identify the financial burden of each position’s economic impact on the company.

Then, we develop your workforce optimization model. Using this model, we provide right-sizing recommendations based on workload analysis while documenting the financial impact of our proposals.

Based on the workforce optimization results, we engage our analytical tools to be used for right talent acquisition. It includes acquisition channel optimization, in-depth analysis of applicants and identifying the right candidates to fulfill organizational gaps.

Acquiring the right talent is only half of talent management. Learning the capabilities to retain and to engage with employees properly are equally critical. To achieve that, our team builds the analytical model to provide both human capital engagement results and predictive tools to identify risk and improvement areas in order to define corrective actions.

Our related services include:

Workforce Optimization
Talent Acquisition Analytics
Employee Retention Management
Employee Engagement Analytics

Employee Experience Management

Do you want to have happier, better engaged and more efficient employees?
Are you seeking to transform employees’ attitudes towards the company?
Would you like to empower teams to make decisions?


Every year a significant number of companies embark on employee experience management projects. The ones that achieve their objectives, however, have something in common: they successfully translate their boardroom vision for a superior employee experience into action at the front line, which is a tall order.

Today’s successful employers reimagine every aspect of work. They deploy an employee-centric approach to understand the needs and desires of their talent pool. Also, they take a page from employee experience management’s book to pinpoint moments of truth and delight their employees at those touchpoints. In other words, more and more organizations are into employee experience management.

Our Employee Experience Management services start with developing your Voice of Employee program to understand how your employees perceive your company and their satisfaction level.

Next, it is essential to analyze the results of the Voice of Employee program to develop employee insights and segment them based on different behavioral aspects in order to target them with a more specific and customized approach.

The next step is employee profiling to design your employee experience strategy. We analyze the profile of your key personnel segments. Then, we develop an employee persona deck. This deck details the demographic profile, behaviors, and pain points of your workforce.

Next, we design an employee-centric journey. We identify the interactions that are the most critical and impactful. Then, we ensure that the organization has the necessary capability to tackle employees’ pain points, needs, and wants.

“What gets measured, gets improved”, says Peter Drucker.

For that reason, we offer a variety of measurement tools for employee experience management. By measuring performance systematically, your company can drive improvement, ensuring the impact of your employee experience program.

Our related services include:

Voice of Employee Program Design
Employee Insights and Segmentation
Employee Journey Design
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