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Your Maven Insights and Solutions Career Path Begins Here

At Maven Insights, we believe that choosing the right career path is critical for optimal career and personal growth. Maven Insights offers our team members an exciting career path, one filled with valuable learning opportunities and based on sector preference, tenure, and your professional field of interest.

What we offer

You’ll work in an exciting and often challenging international environment, but you’ll have a team of well-educated, solution-oriented driven experts by your side every step of the way. We offer learning opportunities in the best practices and proven successful methodologies in our core competency areas. Maven Insights has a transparent working environment where each consultant’s contribution is recognized.  

What we look for

A candidate interested in joining our team needs the following:

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Flexibility to travel and adapt to different cultures.
  • An eagerness to learn; and a display of out of the box thinking to provide innovative solutions.
  • A collaborative attitude, you must be a hardworking team player with strong business ethics.

Career development

From an internship to a full-time position, Maven Insights offers you many challenging, but immensely rewarding opportunities; you will increase your knowledge and add invaluable skills to your portfolio, all while working alongside enthusiastic, passionate people who are all masters of their field.

Your Journey to Becoming a Mavener

1. Stage One - CV Screening

At the end of this phase, all potential successful candidates are shortlisted.

2. Stage Two - Fit Interview

If you’re a shortlisted candidate, you are contacted for an interview to ensure you will be a fit for the Maven Insights culture.

3. Case Interview - Round One

Then, you’re invited to participate in a first round of case interviews.

4. Case Interview - Round Two

After a successful first round, you’ll be invited to participate in a second round of case interviews.

5. Director Interview

At the successful conclusion of the case interviews, you’ll be invited for a director interview.

6. Partner Interviews

Lastly, you’ll be invited for 1-2 partner interviews.


And now for the exciting part; the job offer.

Your Onboarding Journey

1. Induction and Training

You will join the company’s induction and mentorship programme.

2. Project Assignment and Client Induction

Next, you will be staffed on a project and receive client induction training.

Congratulations, you’re officially a Mavener.

Welcome to the team!

“Working in this firm has enabled me to deliver impactful insights and solutions leading to the sustainable development of the client's capability.” Pierre Hayek, Associate

“As a team player, you will develop an everlasting skill set with continuous support by senior members.” Ismail Ozenc, Former Manager

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