Commercial Growth

You are a successful leader charged with growing your company. However, formulating and achieving growth are challenging subjects. Growth requires taking broad and pivotal decisions. To be able to do that, you need to know which market(s) to focus on, whom to target, where to allocate your various resources, and how to manage their performance.

If this is the case, let Maven Insights & Solutions assist you in making out of the box decisions. Every day, our seasoned consultants analyze total addressable markets, discover available revenue opportunities, assess entry barriers, and create roadmaps for multibillion-dollar companies.

Growth means going out of your comfort zone, and it always involves risk. See how we can make the unknown known for your organization.

Market Entry Studies

Do you wonder which markets you can enter and to what extent you can penetrate?
Are you trying to assess the entry barriers to a new market accurately?
Do you need to identify and mitigate your risks while entering a new market?


No two markets are the same. That’s why you cannot count solely on your experience in one market to guide you in another. The road to success goes through learning whats, wheres, and hows of the market you intend to enter.

Our Market Entry Studies consist of estimating the total addressable market size and understanding market dynamics. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B oriented organization, our specialists could pinpoint the keys to success, while identifying barriers to entry. We could also suggest strategic initiatives to overcome those challenges.

Our market entry experts conduct high-profile interviews with subject matter experts, collect on-the-ground market data, and gather competitive intelligence to help you succeed in new markets.

Our related services include:

Addressable Market Sizing
Market Landscape Analysis
Target Company Analysis
Market Entry Options Evaluation
Market Entry Plan Development

Go-to-Market Strategy

Do you need to create a compelling value proposition?
Are you asking yourself which customer segments to target?
Do you need a practical roadmap to commercial success?


You made serious investments to improve your product or service offerings. You studied the market and gathered competitive intelligence. Despite all of that, many companies in your position fall short in meeting their growth targets. What you need is an effective and efficient way to sell and provide services to your customers. Our experienced go-to-market strategists can help.

“Know yourself, and you will win all battles,” says Sun Tzu. Consequently, the bedrock of a successful go-to-market strategy is the proper assessment of an organization’s capacity and capabilities. In order to achieve that, we analyze your growth enablers such as cash flow, partnerships, and network as well as evaluate your commercial capabilities.

Then, we create a detailed and feasible plan that answers four questions: What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? How will you reach your target market? Where will you promote your products/services?

Finally, once your value proposition is set in stone, your channels are defined, and your forecasts are ready, we create a blueprint that clearly states the capabilities, tools, processes, and support that you need to achieve your goal.

Our related services include:

Customer Insights and Segmentation
Offer / Value Proposition Design
Financial Model / Business Case Development
Commercial Capability Assessment
Multichannel / Distribution Strategy Development
Marketing and Sales Strategy

Commercial Architecture Design and Implementation

Are you trying to align your resources and capabilities to implement a commercial initiative?
Do you need a more focused commercial implementation strategy in your current and new value propositions?
Do you want to formulate the best way to approach your customers?


Whether you want to streamline your complex portfolio, investigate customer loss, or transform your commercial organization into a more effective model, our Commercial Architecture Design and Implementation services could help you achieve your goals.

All commercial organizations have something in common; to achieve success, they must rely on teamwork, cohesion, and synchronized effort. Executing commercial strategy often requires collaboration; it cannot be done alone. Unfortunately, many commercial initiatives fail to achieve desired success due to poor commercial organization design, inter-departmental misalignments and insufficient customer management.

Our experienced commercial architects provide a basis for transforming how your commercial structure communicates and collaborates to achieve its goals. We create a blueprint for a customer-driven organization, where all customer-facing units know how to collaborate. By doing so, we help you eliminate organizational redundancies while guiding you in optimizing your commercial capabilities.

Our related services include:

Service / Product Roadmap Development
Pricing Model Development
Sales Force Design
Customer Journey Design
Branding and Communication Strategy Design
Service / Product Lifecycle Management
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