Operations and Procurement

Operations and Procurement

First Business Case

Our client complained that their procurement requests were time-consuming, as they managed all purchase request forms manually. Moreover, their Procurement Team relied on emails and manual signatures for technical data, pricing, equipment, and product purchase approvals. As a result, the team was overloaded with emails, while the purchasing process’s efficiency was low.

Our Approach

Our Business Process Management team developed a workflow automation solution and created user-friendly digitized forms to organize, streamline, and automate the Procurement Request process. As for the approval process, our team transformed manual-signature tasks into electronic-signature tasks. We created approval workflows that allowed the stakeholders to quickly and securely sign the forms. As a result, we reduced our client’s cycle time of the procurement requests from three to five weeks to only a few days.

Workflow Automation

Digitized Forms


Summary of Results

$800K saved in procurement costs

User-friendly digitized procurement request forms

3 weeks saved per procurement request

Significant reduction in email volume

Streamlined the communication channels

Second Business Case

From raising a purchase request to issuing a purchase order, our client’s entire vendor onboarding process was prolonged, causing significant delays in project initiation.

Our Approach

After extracting the data records from our client’s operational SAP system and importing it to our Process Mining tool, we visualized the bottlenecks, reworks, and wastes, optimizing the process accordingly.

‘As Is’ Process: Identified Rework Loop

Optimized Process

Summary of Results

Identified bottlenecks and reworked activities

Identified waiting time of more than 21 days between activities

Identified root causes of the delays

Re-engineered the process to reduce waste and become more lean

Reduced the PR to PO cycle time by 25 days

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