Emre Ozgen

Subject-Matter Expert


Strategy and Planning/ Mergers and Acquisitions/ Business Valuation Models/ Financial Due Diligences / Tax Structuring/ Private Equity Investment Funds

Emre Ozgen

Emre Ozgen is Maven Insight’s M&A Practice Subject Matter Expert, based in Eastern Europe. Emre is a seasoned expert in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) with over two decades of international experience. His expertise spans across a diverse range of industries, including Agriculture, Real Estate, Industrial Production, Retail Stores, and Shopping Malls. With a proven track record on both the selling side and buying side, Emre has successfully navigated through numerous high-value deals, employing his in-depth transactional knowledge to the benefit of his clients. His primary focus has been delivering maximum investor returns, while minimizing risk, which has put him in the best position to lead investment funds in Eastern Europe.

Emre’s proficiency extends beyond deal execution. He has played an instrumental role in optimizing M&A projects by closely monitoring financial aspects, as well as implementing accurate reporting and forecasting mechanisms. His ability to establish effective financial controls has consistently ensured the success of his endeavours. In addition to his extensive M&A experience, Emre has held key positions as Group CFO for subsidiaries of private equity investment funds. In these roles, he spearheaded budgeting, reporting, and control functions, overseeing all financial aspects of major projects, including tax planning. His leadership in tax and financial due diligence processes has been instrumental in securing favourable commercial negotiations and structuring loans that meet leverage requirements.

Emre’s early career included five years in Ernst & Young, where he worked as an auditor and later as a manager. During his time at Ernst & Young, he led audit processes for important clients, such as Mercedes Benz, FIAT, Hyundai, and Cargill. Emre holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bogazici University in Turkey.

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