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For the first time in human history, consumers have so much power in their hands. As shoppers, we all have access to a tremendous amount of information. We have too many options from which to choose. We also demand a myriad of channels through which to engage with a brand. In sum, the rules of the game have changed… drastically!

Companies that grow faster than the market are the ones that know where to look for new customers, what to do to acquire them, which existing segments to prioritize, and how to keep those segments satisfied.

Every day, the experienced consultants of Maven Insights & Solutions help our clients to grow existing accounts and increase new business. We can help you excel at sales, make data-driven decisions in marketing, and build peerless customer loyalty. Let us show you the art of making a customer, not a sale.

Sales Excellence

Do you want to use data and analytics to boost your sales?
Are you looking for sales incentives to stimulate growth?
Would you like to shorten your lead-to-cash cycle?


No matter how devoted your sales professionals are to their job, it would be best if you had the right infrastructure, game plan, and incentives to transform them into high performers. At Maven Insights & Solutions we can help you scale and grow your sales capabilities.

Our approach to sales excellence begins with the assessment of your marketing, sales, product development, delivery, finance, and supply chain departments to outline your lead-to-cash cycle. We analyze how you manage leads, benchmark your performance against competition and industry norms, identify leakages, and recommend the necessary remedies.

Territory management is the next step in transforming your sales capabilities. We segment your customers and prospects so that your sales managers and reps can track sales, do better account planning, and improve sales prospecting strategies. We define success, eliminate overlaps, and ensure fair distribution for each sales rep. As a result, your sales force put its time and energy where it would have the most impact.

Then, we structure sales incentives to improve your bottom line, by using our proprietary Incentive Management Suite of Services. Thanks to the IMSS, we allow you to assess and fine-tune your existing sales incentive program or design and implement a new and agile one. By using the simulator of the IMSS, you can also evaluate the impact of your policies, determine their effectiveness, and demonstrate the relationship between performance, costs, and earnings. With IMSS, we also help you discover who would get rewarded and who would get penalized, estimate the impact of your decisions on your revenue, and evaluate budget excess, employee fairness, and motivation.

As the saying goes, a goal correctly set is halfway reached. Consequently, our final task is to set sales targets accurately. We analyze past performance, account value, rep performance, and foresight to set realistic and fair objectives.

Our related services include:

Lead-to-Cash Cycle Design/Improvement
Sizing and Territory Design
Incentive Management Suite of Services
Sales Target Setting

Precision Marketing

Are your customers becoming less receptive to your marketing communication?
Do you want to have access to real-time information on your target audience?
Do you want to retain, cross-sell and up-sell existing customers?


Studies show that it is five to ten times more expensive to find a new customer than to sell to an existing one. The stronger the bond between a customer and a brand, the more he or she expects from that company to meet his or her needs. That means you need to be more precise on how you market your products / services to your customers.

Through our Precision Marketing services, we first unearth insights by analyzing your data sources. We set up our proprietary InSight Finder analytic model, through which we capture real-time or near real-time consumer insights. By doing so, we help you empower your marketing department to distinguish the differences in behavior and interests instantly.

We then design campaigns based on the insights generated. Based on Behavioral Economics theories, we identify the right psychological and behavioral triggers. As a result, through our data-driven campaigns, we reduce the cognitive cost of establishing the desired behavior for the customer.

Finally, we help you execute your campaign by uplifting your campaign management capabilities. Should you require, Maven Insights & Solutions could provide a build-operate-transfer contract for your precision marketing needs.

Our related services include:

Marketing Analytics
Campaign Design (Incorporating Behavioral Economics)
Campaign Management Capability Development
Built-Operate-Transfer Precision Marketing Services

Customer Experience Management

Do you want to create a competitive advantage by prioritizing your relations with customers?
Are you looking for ways to adopt the design thinking process to improve your products?
Do you need to link customer experience to business outcomes?


Throughout history, successful companies have always known that they are in the “customer experience business.” After all, Henry Ford once said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

In today’s business world, offering a high-quality product or service is necessary, yet not sufficient. It is delivering a superior customer experience that matters. That’s where the rubber meets the road. We are glad to state that our seasoned consultants have decades of experience in transforming customers into walking promoters.

Our approach to customer experience management begins with enabling you to understand how your customers perceive you by designing your Voice of Customer Program.

The next step is in-depth analysis of your customers. We use customer profiling techniques to design your customer experience strategy. We analyze the profile of your key segments then develop a customer persona deck. This deck allows a company-wide understanding of the demographic profile, behaviors, and pain points of the people they serve.

Next, we design a customer-centric journey. We identify the interactions that are the most critical and impactful. Then, we ensure that the organization has the necessary capability to tackle customers’ pain points, needs, and wants.

For a customer experience program to be impactful, its performance needs to be measured systematically. Consequently, Maven Insights & Solutions offers a variety of measurement tools. They all serve a common goal: Driving improvement.

Finally, we offer customer experience governance services. In this phase, we first help you align your organization to a customer-centric model. We identify the necessary cultural transformation initiatives to be implemented. We develop the essential tools to facilitate implementation. Then we implement the Maven Insights Governance Structure System, which helps companies build internal capabilities and rely less on third parties when it comes to execution.

Our related services include:

Voice of Customer Program Design
Customer Profiling and Persona Development
Customer Journey Design
Customer Experience Measurement
CEX Program Governance Model Design

Loyalty Management

Are you looking to build or optimize your loyalty programs?
Do you want to create a strong bond between customers and your brand?
Do you need to manage memberships and rewards effectively?


Companies around the globe are implementing more and more loyalty programs. A well-crafted loyalty program could boost your growth as well as your reputation. However, how should you structure your rewards program? What rewards should you offer? Whom should you reward? Loyalty Management specialists of Maven Insights & Solutions have all the answers for you.

Our Loyalty Management services start with developing a retention strategy. We examine your customer base, identify the at-risk clients, and conduct a root-cause analysis based on the nature of the risk. We evaluate the churn risk and determine the value at risk by taking into account the network effect.

Armed with your retention strategy, we create your loyalty program. Then, we identify the key segments to target, develop buyer personas, and create a customer-centric journey. We also map out the promises to be given to each segment and design a segment-specific loyalty program.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we firmly believe that no loyalty program should be launched without customer validation. Consequently, we try out a sample of your existing customer base on the expectation of return in your application. Upon analyzing the rewards, messages, technology, and ROI, we develop a concept, around which we build a business case. Next, we determine multi-year program objectives for the confirmed loyalty program approach. The development of the execution model and program management options ensue.

The fourth phase of our Loyalty Management approach consists of developing and managing the partner ecosystem. We create the framework of the process while determining the resource, functional, and data requirements.

Finally, we help you execute your loyalty program. We identify the potential earn and burn partners for your application, develop the campaign by incorporating behavioral economics, brief your agency, evaluate the campaign results continuously, and offer improvement of campaign analytics. Should you require, Maven Insights & Solutions could provide a build-operate-transfer contract for your loyalty management needs.

Our related services include:

Retention Strategy Development
Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Analytics
Partner Ecosystem Management
Built-Operate-Transfer Loyalty Management Services
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