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You have identified your corporate vision, planned your go-to-market strategy, and created a blueprint for success. Now, it is time to bring your strategy to life. However, does your organization have the necessary capabilities to drive meaningful business results?

Let Maven Insights & Solutions help you build the capabilities that add the most value to your company’s business performance. We identify, plan, and manage business-related change and help translate your strategies into operations. We also manage change within your organization and provide program management for your implementation projects. The result is excellent strategic execution.

“Vision without execution is a hallucination,” says Thomas Edison. Your strategy is as good as your execution. See how we can help you implement it flawlessly.

Strategy Translation

Are you looking to achieve breakthrough results?
Do you want to integrate your strategy with your operations?
Do you need a comprehensive management process to deliver superior value?


Implementation matters. The way you implement a significant change determines the success of your initiative. Granted, there is no such thing as perfect implementation. It is unavoidable to have “leakages” in value at various stages of the implementation process . That said, Maven Insights & Solutions’ experienced strategy translation specialists could help you run successful change efforts that deliver higher financial returns.

Our Strategy Translation services start with objective cascading, which is the process of communicating and assigning your corporate goals downwards through the organizational hierarchy. This invaluable process provides clients with a singular purpose and direction for the individual goals of all employees in the organization.

Next, we develop Anti-Gaming policies, which prevent independent goal-seeking departments from doing something detrimental to the rest of the organization. That process will help you create robust governance mechanisms.

Effective communication is the key to grabbing the attention of your employees. To get their attention, which is the key to changing behavior, we develop a communication plan supported by the theories of behavioral psychology.

Finally, we help you create an annual operating plan for the implementation of your strategies. Our trained facilitators will assist you in understanding your corporate objectives and guide you in planning how to achieve them.

Our related services include:

Objective Cascading / Building Strategy Maps
Anti-gaming Policy Development
Strategy Communication Planning and Execution
Annual Operating Plan Development

Corporate Performance Management Operations

Do you need to set up and run your corporate performance management system?
Do you want to establish data-driven decision making across your organization?
Are you looking to elevate your current performance reporting practices?


To achieve success, you should have an operating plan, which you must execute in a flawless way. However, if you want your success to be sustainable, then you need to establish a set of accurate methodologies and processes. That’s where corporate performance management comes into play.

Through our Corporate Performance Management Operations services, we ensure that your strategies get properly executed. By developing and refining strategic objectives and KPIs and integrating organizational goals and metrics, we can help you focus on the vital drivers of your business.

Our first task is to analyze and review your financial, commercial, technical, and organizational needs and current status. We then develop or revise your objectives and related measures by keeping in view the competitive and global benchmarks. Next, we ensure that they are measured periodically and effectively, which empowers data-driven decision making.

Next, we define and set up your corporate performance management framework. We accomplish that by assigning specific KPIs to each business unit and corporate function. Each KPI is broken down into monthly, quarterly, and annual targets. Then, we develop the driver trees for the KPIs. By doing so, we set the basis for managerial analysis, enabling deviation and root cause analysis.

Once the performance management framework is in place, we start tracking and reporting the results. We develop and present a data-driven perspective of target achievement. Should corporate underachievement ever occur, we determine the root causes of the noted performance deviations and report our findings. If need be, we devise and track a recovery plan for noted shortcomings. By doing so, we raise timely alarms and escalate to senior management to ensure visibility.

Our related services include:

Corporate Performance Management Framework Design
Corporate Performance Management Capability Development
Corporate Performance Management Analytics
Performance Recovery Plan Development

Business Change Management

Do you want to manage change in culture and employees during a major transformation effectively?
Are you trying to align your organization with your new operations and systems?
Do you need to build the required internal capabilities to manage change?


If you want to introduce anything new in an organization successfully, you need to manage the introduction of change. Failure to do so will cause “leakages” in adaptation and efficiency. Years of hands-on experience have taught us that when you do proper change management, your project is more likely to meet objectives, be on schedule, and within budget. More importantly, it will be more effective.

Our Business Change Management services consist of an impact index assessment of your change and its impact on the organization. We also map out critical employees, managers, and change sponsors based on their role-based change readiness. We use those findings to measure future compliance.

Communication is a critical component of implementing change. We ensure effective change by developing a comprehensive communication plan which targets each of the different audiences impacted by the change. Our change management specialists will focus on what employees, managers, and change sponsors care about and what they need to know. As a result, we will develop the blueprint for delivering the right messages at the right time, in the right channel, and from the correct sender.

Finally, for our clients who do not have an organizational change management lead, we offer program management services. Our change management experts handle the responsibility of end-user buy-in, establishing awareness and desire for the transformation and overseeing training. The result is the on-time and on-budget delivery of your organizational change project.

Our related services include:

Business Change Impact Assessment
Business Change Plan Development
Business Change Plan Implementation

Program Management

Do you have many projects to control?
Are your projects often behind schedule or over budget, and do they fail to meet objectives?
Do you need to develop a consistent methodology to for project delivery?
Do you need to improve communication across projects?
Do you want to increase project quality and reduce project risks?


As a company gets larger, the volume and the complexity of its projects increase. Eventually, the need arises for an effective governance structure. The Project Management Office (PMO) is the function which tracks all the processes, changes, conflicts, and risks. It also creates the necessary procedures for strategic initiatives to succeed.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we have deep experience in setting up a PMO, allowing our clients to maintain an overview of their projects conclusively, know their company strategy and ensure that both go hand in hand.

When setting up a PMO, we first compile the project portfolio by classifying, prioritizing, and integrating projects based on the company strategy and available resources. We then measure the impact of each project, determining whether it achieved its stated objectives.

Our senior program managers also provide support for managing the projects’ lifecycle, which allows you and your team to navigate your projects as effectively as possible. It offers an all-encompassing and intersecting view of all projects, helping you decide which projects should be initiated, which ones should be retired, and which ones must be redesigned.

Finally, as a part of our Program Management services, we also help you organize recognition activities. We identify and celebrate successes on the project and use those celebrations and public acknowledgement to reinforce the progress.

Our related services include:

Program Management Office Design and Deployment
Business Impact Measurement
Project / Program Management

Intelligent Automation

Is your staff overburdened with manual, repetitive process tasks?
Do you manually reconcile data between multiple systems or applications?
Are your business processes at risk of human errors?


Operational excellence is critical to customer satisfaction and growing revenue. The next level of operational excellence is intelligent automation, which uses technology to automate recurring manual tasks. By computerizing and streamlining your processes, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and free up your team to focus on value-added activities. 

We have joined forces with pioneer technology companies to build automation services that solve your unique business challenges.

Our team kicks off your automation journey by assessing your business operations. We analyze each process’s objectives, the related tasks, the time of execution, and those in charge. If required, we transform your complex process workflows and procedure documents into clean, simple, and accessible process maps. 

With the aid of our powerful workflow automation software, we streamline your processes. Your manually generated forms become dynamic online forms. As you move to electronic signatures, your business starts moving faster and more efficiently.

We can take your processes to the next level by integrating Robotic Process Automation. RPA allows you to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks. We drill down the candidate processes and segregate duties to identify the suitable ones to be run by a robot. Thanks to RPA, your employees can devote their time and skills to more rewarding and value-added activities.

As a part of our continuous improvement process, we conduct the Process Mining analysis, which helps us define, analyze, and improve your existing processes. Our team extracts data from event logs readily available in today’s ERP systems. We detect potential bottlenecks, reworked activities, and improvement opportunities to design and implement corrective actions and further optimize your business processes. 

Our related services include:

Business Process Automation (BPA)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Process Mining
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