Our Services

Customer Experience Management

In today's competitive and rapidly changed environment, companies should transform the needs of customer into opportunity for growth. Maven Insights proposes insightful value added services that impacts all stages of the value chain in customer journey that are subject of frequent changes. Our offerings are able to meet the coming changes in today's competitive edge environment.

We help our clients create consistently brilliant customer experiences, from inception to execution. Our services entails customer experience strategy, customer journey mapping and experience design, strategic insight through to experience measurement, voice of the customer programmes and assisting the selection of the experience management technology


  • Customer Experience Strategy:
    • Customer Experience Vision: Revisiting the brand promise, bringing in global best practices and defining with a shared, clear vision.
    • Customer Experience Maturity Modelling: Using surveys and data collection customer experience maturity modelling process capture views across the organization spanning leadership, mid-management and customer-facing teams across customer strategy, competencies, systems, governance, use of knowledge and behaviours. Maturity model is completed with a capability plan that provides the justification and the business case for investment, as well as recommendations for management action.
    • Culture Change and People Plan: We create a behavioural framework the map for the link between values, internal perspectives and external outcomes. Once established, this behavioural framework guides all customer interaction and sets the tone for the customer relationship. Following the framework establishment, we design levers of change - rewards and recognition, performance management and internal communications and assist our clients in launching these transformations via program management.
  • Experience Design and Delivery of Customer Journey:
    • Experience Design: Service includes qualitative customer research and ethnography, customer journey mapping and optimization workshops, stakeholder consultation and engagement, journey prioritization and identifying key actions, customer experience design and blueprinting.
    • Capability Development on Customer Journey Mapping: Developing internal skills in our clients to develop customer experience blueprints, which entails a coherent framework, language and terminology, introduction of different types of customer journey mapping projects and their relevant applications, tools and guidance to deliver your own customer journey mapping projects.
  • Strategic Insight and Investment Analysis:
    • Customer Relationship Modelling: We create a unified measurement framework, using a model of the total customer relationship to integrate all components of the customer experience. This approach to customer experience measurement takes a broad perspective on what influences future behaviour.
    • Customer Experience Investment Prioritization: In order to turn customer experience into a change management tool, we link experiences to investment priorities. This involves directly or indirectly associating a net promoter score or voice of the customer programme to a range of behavioural outcomes.
    • Customer Experience Analytics: Service entails text and root cause analysis and proposition optimization toolkits.
  • NPS, Measurement and Voice of the Customer:
    Through our partners, we help our clients to implement best-in-class customer feedback collection and customer experience measurement platforms which provide operation insight in real-time manner.

Sales Excellence

Customers and consumers are rapidly changing the way of shopping, preferences in a technology involvement environment that companies should continue to attract their customer and ensuring their overall value proposition is meeting the needs of customers in a more complex, connected and fast-moving marketspace.

With our sales excellence services, we guide our clients across critical sales activities such as developing marketing and sales strategy, generating a sales force organization and improving sales capabilities, enhancing lead to cash cycles, designing financial and special recognition reward programs.


  • Go to Market Strategy Development:
    Researching regarding addressable market size in the market, forecasting the market volume using an appropriate methodology according to the market and competitive landscape, researching on competitive pricing, developing marketing strategies considering product portfolio, target customer base, pricing, positioning (placement) and marketing communication, developing a business case for the first three-to-five years of market entry, designing a roadmap for the strategies according to priorities and ease of implementation.
  • Channel Strategy Development:
    Improving customer experience considering global best benchmarks and channel conversion/capture rate objectives, developing channel strategies including well designed product, vendor, sales, incentives, communication and service strategies for each sales platform, defining capable CRM structure to handle advanced sales strategies and valuable customer and sales data.
  • Sales Force Organization Design:
    Analyzing current customer and revenue base, understanding sales efficiency, market segmentation for potential customer base to target, assessing sales force workload to address the targeted market, designing a comprehensive sales force organization, defining organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and expected team capabilities, designing KPIs, and reporting mechanism.
  • Sales Capability Uplift:
    Providing coaching and shadow management for developing sales capabilities in lead qualification and account management, developing custom-build sales maturity assessments, supporting sales team recruitment process.
  • Re-engineering Lead to Cash Cycle:
    Developing risk based pricing and proposal development tools, designing operational authority matrix to increase management efficiency via delegation of authorities, optimizing sales workflows, scoping automation initiatives, improving collection management performance.
  • Territory Design and Quota Program Development:
    Conducting analytical diagnostic studies on sales territory assignment and target setting practices, assignment of sales territories to sales teams based on a quantitative approach, design of a balanced sales quota program using both company objectives as well as behavior modeling approaches as inputs.
  • Sales Compensation:
    Conducting health check assessment on sales compensation plans, defining the scope of sales reward programs, developing eligibility matrix, planning alternatives and selection of best fit model for each eligible function/role, determining of Pay-Mix, Pay Levels, Measures, KPIs and targets, developing governance policies for sales reward program management, developing tools for automating the sales reward program management, preparing and executing communication plans.

Precision Marketing

Maven Insights & Solutions delivers target oriented and value added services to help companies to optimize the cost in operations and improve the business performance.

We offer analytical marketing services including development of customized analytical solutions and actionable strategies, campaign management through generating offer development and accurate targeting, scoping marketing automation initiatives and assisting vendor selection.


  • Data Quality Improvement:
    Conducting data healthcheck assessments across customer touchpoints and data management platforms, developing data strategy that would be fitting for the client's long term needs, establishing data governance mechanisms, developing solutions to improve the quality of the data (including the use of sophisticated algorithms).
  • Customer Value Management:
    • Segmentation/Micro-segmentation: Structuring CRM data, deriving variables, developing customer segmentation models, and scoring customers to enable efficient customer prioritization. Preparing reporting tools to support management visibility, decision making and offer/campaign performance tracking. Enabling segment based pilot action plans to perform customer centric marketing and sales activities.
    • Next Best Offer/Action Modelling: Analyzing customer vs. product/service affiliation, identifying purchase patterns of products/services, developing association/sequence models, identifying service/product/actions to offer each customer with respect to purchase and interactions history.
    • Retention Management: Defining churn, exploring customer behaviors and identifying key factors that end up with churn, developing churn prediction models, defining reactive, proactive and preventive actions and offers through customer lifecycle, generating key performance metrics and report templates to follow the performance of retention activities, defining business process flows, and roles and responsibilities of the organization, designing quick-win campaigns to demonstrate effectiveness of retention actions and offers, improving retention management capabilities of the organization.
    • Customer Acquisition and/or Loyalty Program Design: Design of customer management programs around key customer objectives of our clients - be it a an acquisition program or a privilege program; service entails developing the program value proposition, process framework, marketing and campaign communication calendar and toolkit, automation requirements and launch plan.
  • Campaign Management:
    Profiling customers based on preferences and behaviors, defining marketing campaigns according to customer lifecycle, assigning customers to campaigns, preparing implementation plans including channel preference, timing, and periodicity, designing quick-win activities to demonstrate effectiveness, implementing campaigns considering quick-win results, measuring and evaluating campaign performance, and offering improvement suggestions.
  • CRM Roadmap Design and Implementation:
    • CRM Roadmap Design: Defining critical data inputs and outputs for CRM to perform effectively, determining business units dependent upon CRM functions, analyzing current business requirements and performing gap analysis for existing CRM system capabilities, redesigning CRM processes to fit with industry best practices, researching and organizing workshops to identify custom requirements, developing a comprehensive CRM Roadmap.
    • CRM Implementation: Conducting process and function analysis, and technical architecture design studies, defining customer and contract information that needs to be used for CRM, defining marketing offers and communication scenarios to implement on the CRM system, generating implementation rules and process flows, data testing for the correctness and consistency of attributes in the CRM system, and developing improvement suggestions.
  • Vendor Selection:
    Understanding structure and capabilities of existing systems, developing functional requirements and high level design, developing RFX documentation, participating in vendor selection meetings, exploring strengths and weaknesses of each technology vendor, performing benchmark analysis to demonstrate technology vendor preferences, selecting best technology vendor.

Program Management

Maven Insights & Solutions has project and project management in depth knowledge and experience in managing sector related transformation and change related projects in the GCC and broader Middle East Region.

We draw on our team’s change & program management experience to help our clients providing program management support through secondment of qualified resources, developing and executing transformation plans, building Project Management Office (PMO) function, improving existing business processes.


  • Establishing Project Management Office (PMO) Function:
    Assessing existing projects to identify PMO gap analysis and required PMO maturity level to effectively manage the projects, developing functional mandates of the PMO function, developing operational authority matrix related to program management, designing organizational structure of PMO, defining roles and responsibilities within PMO, defining PMO principles, guidelines, processes and developing the tools according to the selected engagement model between PMO and business lines.
  • Executing Program Management Responsibilities:
    Establishing a well-structured program management framework, creating detailed project plans encompassing all aspects of individual service implementations, provisioning vendor management to alleviate existing conflicts, establishing a strong program management communique between all key stakeholders, provisioning continuous project management for all work streams, project compliance monitoring.