About Maven Insights & Solutions

Who We Are?

We are a team of sales, marketing and human capital experts and practitioners. Our core specialty lies in developing capabilities for growing and retaining a loyal and profitable customer base.

Developing go-to-market strategies, designing effective employee and customer reward programs, designing or optimizing lead-to-cash cycles, developing customer experience management capabilities and developing internal capabilities to run complex commercial programs are among our most frequently delivered services. We also assist our clients via our “business development” consulting services, where we lead the development of partnership ecosystems and in some cases hunting high-volume deals on behalf of our customers, hence increasing the success probability of our clients in their bid to enter new markets.

We have a strong network of clients and partners in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which are our primary territories. Our team’s industry credentials include telecom, technology, government, banking, insurance, real estate development, retail, ecommerce and transportation references.

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Subject and Industry Expertise

Our team is composed of experts combining academia, industry and consultancy experience gained in globally recognized leading institutions. We have successfully delivered several hundred engagements at almost hundred leading organizations across our primary territories.

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